Monday, June 29, 2009

Sled Gathering

The Sled Gathering is a unique gathering that can be used 3 different ways. Here I have it hanging seat side forward decorated with a simple grapevine wreath wrapped with mini ming garland and a green checked homespun hanger and rusty hook. The sled is 22 inches long and the rails are painted burgundy and the seat brown and then sanded and stained in English Chestnut.

Here I have the sled displayed seat side to the wall. On this side it has 2 small shelves and 2 pegs. I have decorated it with a twig tree stichery in a burgundy frame, a wood block candleholder painted green , then sanded and stained, and decorated with a rusty snowflake and a rusty wire and pip berry candle ring, a black nub candle, a frosted pine cone with mini greenery and dried rosehips, and a pair of rusty ice skates.

The gathering can also be displayed on a table and comes with all the decorations you see here or you can add your own decorations. Price $59.00 plus shippingPosted by PicasaNO LONGER AVAILABLE


  1. OH Loretta that is the cutest thing...I have to send your Link to Sue who also has a blog...she just loves this kind of things and I just know she would love to pay you a visit..You my friend come up with the best things...Thanks for coming by and seeing Kyra's new puupy and Yes he dang near gave me a heart attact when he know me he got a BULL Mastiff..I know they are great dogs...but girl I could just picture him eating that baby...and I will get him for that one ha ha!! I still have my woodren spoon to beat him with...May you have a great day my friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Hi Loretta, I love that gathering. That type of decor is right down my alley. I will deffinatley take a look at what you have available.

  3. Oh my Loretta... I LOVE your gatherings!! The sled is so cute and your stitch is lovely. Did you make all of it? Do you make your cookies and biscuits? I just love how you can use the sled 3 different ways!!
    have a blessed day.

  4. hey loretta, i hate to ask but are your cookies and biscuits made from salt dough? i have been try to find a recipe for them, so i could make some. would you mind sharing? i understand if you don't want too. sonya

  5. GM Loretta..Thanks for coming by and seeing my bear ha ha!! girl if I did have that in my yard I would never go outside ha ha!! Ok we do have a mountain lion that lives here and I have seen bear tracks and where they tore my trees...But hey I live in their backyard..they were here first...May you have a great Fourth my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria